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Queen of the Sun

Check this out!

Figure 2. Honey bee collecting pollen


I am really looking forward to seeing this film, which is being show on November 10th in Vancouver area.  Follow the link for screenings in your city and sign the petition if you are able.

I cannot imagine a world without bees, can you?



Food Matters TV

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

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If you haven’t already had the opportunity to watch Food Matters, this movie is available to watch online for FREE until October 8th.  This is an amazing film!!

I just finished watching it last night, and it is full of information, and features one of my favorite people in Raw Food, David Wolfe. Yay! If you care about what you are putting in your body or concerned about the state of our health and planet in the present and future, this is a must see!

I know I have already made a post about this film, but I feel like it’s a very useful resource to those wishing to learn more.

I would love to hear your feedback on this film.


Food Matters

Watch Food Matters online for FREE!  This week only!

I have been waiting to watch this film, then I stumble across their facebook page this morning with this offer! Ya-hoo! Watch this film! Also check out my website for other movies and books that I love 🙂